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“When you find yourself as a part of something greater than your own selfish ambitions, you don’t get muddled up in the day-to-day things of life, and you create a work habit. That consistent work habit creates emotional stability, which makes this journey a whole lot simpler,” Trevor Baker has said of the incredible impact that mentorship and positive association have had on his life.

Without mentorship, Trevor Baker is certain that he would not have made it nearly as far as he has. Before he sought out and encountered positive mentorship, Trevor Baker was heading down a very traditional path. He was headed toward an average life and had no one to guide him in any other direction.

He didn’t make it very far down that path before he realized that it wasn’t for him—that he was missing something fundamental. That fundamental element that he was lacking just so happened to be mentorship. Luckily for Trevor Baker, he had grown up in a household that valued positive associations.

That said, just because he was born into it, it doesn’t mean that Trevor Baker didn’t have to work hard to earn the mentorship he gained. He fought hard to be taken seriously and for the chance to be coached.

Because he was given the opportunity to be mentored by such outstanding people, Trevor Baker feels that he now has the responsibility—and the privilege—to pay it forward.

He and his wife, Lexi, now devote a great deal of their free time (and they have a lot of it) to helping others find their paths in life. It’s one of their greatest joys to see their mentees get free and achieve the success they’d only ever dreamed about previously.

Though they’re still young, Trevor and Lexi Baker have a lot to offer as mentors. They’ve built a remarkably successful business together, and they take pride in the way they’ve been able to stick to their family values no matter what. Because they feel that mentoring others is a grander purpose in their lives, they want everyone they mentor to be able to live out their values and be beyond wildly successful—whatever that means to them.

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